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SailfishOS, open source, collaboration meeting planning

asked 2014-08-21 22:22:21 +0300

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Raymaen gravatar image

Next meeting on IRC:Thursday 11th of July 2019 at 08:00 UTC. The meeting will be held on Freenode IRC, #mer-meeting ( )

Check here for your local time:

Logs of previous meetings:

Tasks assigned during the meetings:


  • add your name/nick using the template below to suggest a topic.
  • indicate how much time you will need for the topic so we can timebox the meeting accordingly
  • please be as thorough as you can with your question/topic
  • if you can't make the meeting please ask and then name a substitute who can in your place.

It is expected that you show up and present your topic, or name a substitute and make sure they attend in your absence. These IRC meetings are for real time participation and live discussions, otherwise you can post the topic on here on TJC or on the mailing list and get responses that way.

We need you to be present to clarify details in the topic, and to ensure the discussion is leading to the answers you are looking for! If you do not participate or your question/topic isn't clear enough it will be postponed. Also: Always ask for *more time than you anticipate your topics needs!!*

Please try and have your topics ready by at least 3 days before the meeting. This will help us have answers ready beforehand to save time. Topics announced afterwards will be postponed to the next meeting.

Template for topic proposal: (edit this wiki directly to add your topics)

  • Name / IRC nick:
  • topic:
  • some details about the topic:
  • approx time needed:
  • optional: name of substitute if you cannot make it to the upcoming meeting (and inform your substitute!)

Topics proposals:

  • Name / IRC nick: ApB
  • topic: Status of allowing more APIs/apps/whatever to the official store.
  • some details about the topic: The status of the official store is not that good and openrepos seem to do better. Its been discussed in previous meetings that some things need to be done on Jollas side in order to allow more apps that are available in openrepos to be also in the store. Whats the status of that.
  • approx time needed: 10min
  • optional: In case i forget just give an update on the situation.

Topics proposals:

  • Name / IRC nick: Raymaen
  • topic: Feature für phonenumber blocking
  • some details about the topic: There is this question from 2013!! that did not get any attention from Jolla (as far as i could see) but I think this is a pretty standard functionality for a smartphone that should be implemented (especially in a system that wants to be secure). ( Is this feature planed to be implemented in Sailfish OS or what is the reason we still don't have it?
  • approx time needed: 5-10 min (depends on the answer)
  • optional: In case i can not attend to the meeting please dicuss this question anyway! I can not write actually because of connenction restrictions in my Office but Im reading… Sorry

Topics proposals:

  • Name / IRC nick: Raymaen
  • topic: End of BETA-Status for Xperia devices
  • Dear Jolla-Team, first of all, thanks for the hard work! Is there a timeline planned for the end of the BETA-status for the Xperia devices (Sailfis X in general)? I know your situation and that corporate customers are being favored over community and private customers. But it would be great to have a timeline for the END of the BETA-Status and have finaly a working device as a daily driver. (
  • approx time needed: 15-20 min (depends on the answer)
  • optional: In case I can not attend to the meeting please dicuss this question anyway! I think there is a general interrest from the community about this topic, so maybe take it to general discussion! :-) * I can not write actually because of Connection restrictions in my Office* but Im reading… Sorry

Topics proposals:

  • Name / IRC nick: KeeperoftheKeys
  • topic: Mechanism for teams to maintain apps in the store
  • There are a lot of orphaned apps in the store, the ones that are actually maintained by upstream projects still can't be updated because the app is linked to a specific username of whoever originally packaged it for SailfishOS. There are 2 things needed as far as I can tell: 1 - a mechanism for others to take over maintaining OSS packages that are unmaintained, this will provide an immediate solution to this problem. 2 - as a more long term solution allowing teams to own applications instead of specific users. Case in point - I am starting to maintain gPodder for SFOS and have been granted rw access on the official github repository however I won't as far as I understand be able to submit a new version of gPodder that replaces the current one since that belongs to a different user.
  • approx time needed: ?
  • optional:

For background info and invitation to this series of meetings, please see this post. Past meeting minutes, list of action points and further information are here, more recent minutes are here

Meeting Chair: (volunteers, suggestions,nominations...)

Responsibilities of meeting chair: send invitation/agenda before the meeting, keep time and order during the meeting, send minutes and next meeting planning info after the meeting.

  • James Noori (Jaymzz)
  • Simonas Leleiva (Sledges)
  • Steph Gosling (stephg)
  • Carol Chen (cybette)
  • (your name here)

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Nice that you decided to move this here from the previous pad - I think TJC will serve well in this purpose also, also good to have many different topics under the same roof. Meetings might get new people too?

simo ( 2014-08-21 23:19:11 +0300 )edit

@cybette I wonder about the outcome of the action items 2 and 3 from the September 23th meeting:
> 2. Jolla to possibly spare some engineering time and fix up the proprietary bits to at least not crash and burn on SIP
> 3. cybette to poke SIP/dialer guys in Jolla
Unfortunately SIP is still not usable using the latest Jolla update.

alex25 ( 2014-10-28 08:46:46 +0300 )edit

bump. next meeting 7th Jan ?

kimmoli ( 2015-01-05 23:09:51 +0300 )edit

@kimmoli: yes

sledges ( 2015-01-06 16:49:45 +0300 )edit

@kimmoli@sledges thanks for the reminder. Sending email...

cybette ( 2015-01-06 16:54:55 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-01-19 18:49:37 +0300

netvandal gravatar image

Talking about map component could be also interesting, infos it's scattered, confusing and sometime frustrating. summarizing available option, talk about timeline for official API could be useful. But I'm not sure if can be fit in the community meeting, anyway, i propose...

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answered 2015-12-09 19:43:58 +0300

Dave999 gravatar image

Thank you for still running these meetings.

I'm interested in what is happening with the tablet and all things related to the tablet.

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... and especially interested in promised blog post clarifying and finally settling down this whole damn thing...

zlutor ( 2016-01-24 17:31:55 +0300 )edit

Latest details from Juhani Lasilla regarding the tablet can be found on:

The rest can be found in the official Jolla Blog post:

JSEHV ( 2016-02-01 19:59:25 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-31 22:26:30 +0300

nadir gravatar image

Name / IRC nick: nh1402

topic: OS Abstraction

some details about the topic: Are there any plans to provide an API to enhance the Sailfish UX more specifically for the Lockscreen adding pattern lock, fingerprint sensor, iris sensor, facial recognition, text-based password etc. Other areas of the OS could also be extended such as the messaging app adding text formatting (sarcasm, italics, bold, underline, strikethrough), adding telegram to the messaging app and others. Those are the only 2 that I can think of so far but I'm sure other people have more ideas.

approx time needed: 15 minutes

optional: I would like to be at the meeting to discuss this, if no one else is going to talk about it then delay it to the next meeting when I'm there.

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answered 2016-05-25 22:13:08 +0300

Toxip gravatar image
  • Name / IRC nick: toxip
  • topic: Requesting things to be added to mer-tools repo
  • details: Noticed that some basic tools like wget are not included in the mer-tools repo. How could we request things to be added to the repository?
  • time: 5 min
  • optional: name of substitute if you cannot make it to the upcoming meeting
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wget is GLP3.

tortoisedoc ( 2016-05-27 10:50:06 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-06-29 21:15:45 +0300

Daeto gravatar image
  • Name / IRC nick: OhDaeto
  • Topic: Update outdated packages
  • Some details about the topic: Sailfish OS (Nemo) contains a lot of outdated and officialy unsupported packages in repos. For example, there is Perl package version 5.16.1 while Cent OS 7 / RHEL supports 5.16.3. So I would like to know how the community can help you to update your packages and projects to latest actual versions, and which parts you think are the most weakest. Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English. Hope you understood what I want to ask :)
  • Approx time needed: 5-10 mins
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You should edit first post as others have done so we can talk about this tomorrow. :)

tathhu ( 2016-06-29 21:41:25 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-12-05 14:07:32 +0300

ElderOrb gravatar image

James, could you please update with meeting results? I was not able to participate but would like to get an update on some topics discussed. Thank you!

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today meeting minutes are here: ( 2016-12-05 16:54:03 +0300 )edit

Wiki updated.

ced117 ( 2017-01-13 20:14:49 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-16 00:59:42 +0300

Filip K. gravatar image

Hi there. A happy Sailfish X owner here. So please bear with me.

Name / IRC nick: filip topic:adding (almost) done translations from some details about the topic: There are some languages translated over 95% but not released. Slovenian only lacks review of 24 words till 100%. Hungarian, Greek, Estonian, Dutch, Czech and more others are also not yet official. approx time needed: 3 minutes.

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GO Filip! Go! :-)

ds1979 ( 2018-01-22 19:23:51 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-22 07:14:43 +0300

bshah gravatar image

I can't edit post but..

Name / IRC nick: bshah

topic: Upstreaming of mer/sfos specific QtMultimedia patches

I tried to use gst-droid and droidmedia working on top of Qt 5.9 but had a quite a lot struggle as the qtmultimedia patches required are on top of Qt 5.6 and not upstreamed, it would be lovely if original author can upstream those patches where it makes sense.

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answered 2018-04-02 22:03:19 +0300

lolek gravatar image

updated 2018-04-02 22:03:53 +0300

Name / IRC nick: Lolek

Topic: Sailfish security

Details about the topic:

It seems that currently the OS is pure simple Linux with only very basic permission structure. There's no SElinux/Apparmor, no application permissions. For example pictures made by the jolla-camera app has got 644 permissions which means every single other app can access it. Based on the fact that Jolla is secure (as of some statement on one of the Jolla webpages) this doesn't look like. Also same problem is with the very old web browser which is very dated (Firefox 38?). According to official information, this year we should see system encryption but what with the rest?
Unlocked bootloader message is also something not very welcome, but I think this is more related to Sony. It would be also great to have some more secure unlock screen. Current one is very fragile for example video recording i.e. someone can record when we input the pw to unlock our phones. Regarding Jolla account I'm missing option to remotely wipe out my phone from This is somehow a trade of between privacy and security as Jolla would need to have access for my phone but it can be made as opt-in.

approx time needed: probably less than 10 min but it highly depends on Jolla answers.

optional: name of substitute if you cannot make it to the upcoming meeting

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answered 2015-09-19 17:49:43 +0300

tortoisedoc gravatar image

Name / IRC nick : tortoisedoc

topic: upgrading xdg-utils in mer to master

some details about the topic: see here

approx time needed: 15 mins?

optional: N/A

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thanks @tortoisedoc, added to agenda above. will send email to devel list shortly.

cybette ( 2015-09-30 13:42:57 +0300 )edit

Hey, thanks @cybette for the reply and adding the topic; unfortunately due to higher powers tomorrow i cant attend, so I propose to postpone it to the next meeting.

tortoisedoc ( 2015-10-07 20:49:23 +0300 )edit

ok, we'll move this to next week. thanks!

cybette ( 2015-10-08 16:42:12 +0300 )edit

next meeting is on 22/10, we'll discuss this then!

cybette ( 2015-10-08 19:26:43 +0300 )edit
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