[request] Decent 64GB µSD support

asked 2014-08-23 13:02:54 +0200

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updated 2014-12-05 22:32:16 +0200

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I still miss decent 64GB(+) µSD support. exFAT doesn't work, which would probably have something to do with royalties to Microsoft. I'm not happy with that as a long-term solution.

What I want to do: have decent stability/speed when connect the Jolla to pc. This is the solution I use now. Speed/stability is meh... I want to use the SD-part for Android. I want to be able to copy >4GB file sizes to the card.

What I'd like to see: when 64GB µSD card or bigger (standard exFAT formatted) is put in the Jolla for the first time, give a warning, like: Sailfish doesn't support the filesystem (exFAT). Format it to (ext4/btrfs?). All data shall be lost. Sailfish formats the card and makes it available for Android, so people can save Sygic maps to SD ;-)

Or make exFAT support payed (and make SD available for android).

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The $HOME/android_storage will always be meh as it is fuse-mounted. MTP for $HOME/android_storage does work for me even under linux (it spits errors but actually transfered files, MTP export for /media/sdcard seems broken/unreliable (does not work on my linux box but users reported works-sometimes under win7). So even if Android was able to use the sdcard directly I cannot transfer files to it via USB connection.

MTP is sometimes very slow (got no clue), transfer of files via WLan is much faster for me.

chemist ( 2014-08-23 14:14:08 +0200 )edit