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[Bug] QNetworkConfigurationManager does not update configurations while application is running

asked 2014-08-28 17:01:11 +0300

juke gravatar image

updated 2014-08-28 17:55:42 +0300

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QNetworkConfigurationManager seems to read the current network type only on application startup. Running

QNetworkConfigurationManager ncm;

on a 3G network gives the correct network type if it is the same as was when application was started. If network type is manually set to 2G from mobile network settings, the code above continues to return BearerWCDMA. Calling


and requesting bearer type on the updateCompleted() callback does not fix the issue. Even after updateConfigurations() method


continues to return only the wrong configuration. However if the application is restarted, the configuration seems to update to 2G. This problem goes also the otherway around when changing from 2G to 3G while the application is running.

Furthermore I have never observed BearerHSPA even though downlink throughput using mobile network has been 20 Mbps, which is well above the theoretical maximum of WCDMA.

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answered 2014-09-01 10:06:41 +0300

llornkcor gravatar image

This is a known issue and is fixed in the next software update.

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