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any way can set desktop or mobile mode in browser

asked 2014-08-29 03:11:28 +0300

hoyin28 gravatar image

updated 2014-11-29 16:16:35 +0300

pulsar gravatar image

basically there is no options in browser can set desktop or mobile mode. anyone knows how to do it?

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-08-29 04:12:56 +0300

simo gravatar image

Depends on the browser, there's an option for that in quite many browsers. Also some sites have a link to their desktop view. Jolla's native browser doesn't have thi option, but you can vote it up here:

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answered 2014-08-29 12:22:07 +0300

smoku gravatar image

I am using Webcat browser which has the option to switch user agent to desktop one.

You can install it from Jolla Store.

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