Interlocked (-laced) home and launcher [duplicate]

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Sailfish ui has fixed sized (3x3)home for app covers. This leads to maximum of nine apps visible. No way to expand left or right due to cover gestures.

One solution: make home and launcher like a card file with two cards interlocked.

It would behave like this (sorry, no pic): When home is at topmost position, also uppermost row of launcher icons is visible, like now. When home has more than nine covers, next ones will be opened to the fourth row, but only half of them is visible, to indicate theres more covers below.

Drag the home up and it will slide like a card from behind the four icon row, exposing more covers. After all active covers are shown and dragging up is continued, the four icon row and launcher beneath it start following home up. This behaviour would make user check active covers before launching new ones.

If four icon row is pulled up while home screen is at top and over 9 covers are active, there would be a scroll through active covers before starting to show launcher. This would make users check active covers before launching new ones.

This solution would be compatible with existing gestures and solve the nine cover limit, leaving four icon row visible as is today.

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In the most part seems to be.a duplicate of this:

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