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HTC one M8 international unlocked s-off + Sailfish OS [answered]

asked 2014-09-17 01:12:29 +0200

84stangman gravatar image

Hey There, is there any chance for the following ?

Installing Sailfish os on HTC one m8 international ? (rooted, unlocked, s-off..etc? )


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2 Answers

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answered 2014-09-17 01:40:07 +0200

Edz gravatar image

Hey 84stangman, Jolla Together isn't really the right place to be asking your question. Head on over to for anything related to installing SailfishOS on other mobiles. I am a member at TMO ( and visit regularly for SailfishOS advice/ideas/problems. Also you can try at Hope this helps :)

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answered 2014-09-17 17:14:53 +0200

juiceme gravatar image

Another place to go would be IRC channel #sailfishos-porters which is exactly the place for this topic :)

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