Jolla browser unable to play lower quality youtube videos [duplicate]

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Go to and select to play one of the channel videos with the Jolla browser. Unselect HQ playback. Video starts to load but quickly stops with the message: Video format or mime type is not supported.

Please fix this problem. Thanks!

Update: Still a problem in Vaarainjärvi.

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There is also a wiki where such kind of issues with the native browser are reported. :) -->

Alex ( 2014-09-30 11:22:24 +0300 )edit

I am affected by this problem, too. Jolla phone, version (Tahkalampi).

Thanks for the indirect hint to switch on "HQ playback". This worked as a workaround for me in this case, to see the video at all.

But HQ will have a higher impact on my data plan. So beeing able to playback low quality videos would be very appreciated.

ralooyar ( 2014-12-05 12:04:14 +0300 )edit