[Feature Request] More Options in OS Update Setting

asked 2014-10-07 15:47:14 +0200

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updated 2014-12-29 10:00:53 +0200

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My User Experience:
Got my first update notification, plugged the phone to the charger and I opted to download it. Came back after 20-30 minutes and saw that the update had downloaded but not installed. Then opted to install the update.

Expected Behaviour:
I thought downloading an update implied that it would be installed automatically too.

(Which is a bit stupid when I come to think of it - the 'download' option clearly states the purpose and does only that, which is how it should be).

Provide another option in the pulley menu - Download and Install - which should download and install the OS update without requiring any more confirmation or user intervention.

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"Install" should Download and Install. That's expected behaviour. It's the extra "Download only" option that needs to be added.

cyber_fusion ( 2014-10-07 16:51:11 +0200 )edit

@cyber_fusion Sometimes if you really want to use the phone, you may prefer to download the update but install it later. (Or when your office wifi net has a faster connection than your home :). So both the separate "Download" and "Install" option need to be there too.

sifartech ( 2014-10-07 16:59:30 +0200 )edit

Glad you agree with what I said. To reiterate, First pull menu option should be "Install" (Downloads and Installs) second option should be "Download only" (Available only if not downloaded).

cyber_fusion ( 2014-10-07 19:44:50 +0200 )edit

@cyber_fusion Not exactly. I am saying that 3 options should be there - Download, Install and 'Download and Install'. Like I mentioned in my post, options should communicate what they do clearly and do only that. 'Install' alone is a bit vague because it will have to download the update first. Consider the scenario where a user has enabled 3G / 4G but uses it only for checking mail (as data plans are expensive). If he / she sees the 'Install' option, he / she may wrongly assume that the update is already available on his phone and select it. And will face a huge bill by unintentionally downloading a big update over 3G / 4G.

sifartech ( 2014-10-07 20:14:35 +0200 )edit