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[Wiki] Suggestions for J3 - a smaller phone [not relevant]

asked 2014-10-10 18:23:23 +0300

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updated 2016-04-30 10:02:15 +0300

vattuvarg gravatar image

There are lots of wishes here at TJC for a smaller phone. The next phone from Jolla (let's call it J2) will probably be the same size as J1. But if a smaller one would be conceived, what would make it different from both J1 and the still secret J2? ...and why?

Please focus on only one difference in each answer, OK?

The third phone
The suggestions for a smaller phone are not intended for the next Jolla phone (J2). Instead they are meant for a phone to complement it. The two phones should have similar capabilities but one would of course have to be adjusted to cope with the limitations of a smaller size.

That is why the smaller concept phone now has the nickname J3.

Battery time
A current survey revealed that a majority of mobile phone users want a longer battery time, even if the phone needs to be thicker to accommodate the larger battery volume. An answer for battery has been added for that reason.

Rumours of a new small iPhone
The rumours of a smaller apple phone were true and that device, the iPhone SE, is selling very well.

Still hoping

Jolla will not build the J3 as the company focus is software now. Yet I still hope that some company will build a phone with a four inch display. The ladies of my family (both young and mature) still have hands smaller than mine and still wait for a Sailfish OS device that would be small enough for them. There is a fairly strong market in the sub-5-inch sector and there should at least be one device available there with Sailfish OS. Don't you agree?

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I am not looking for a smaller SailfishOS, will not purchase a smaller Jolla. So I vote against.

WilliePre ( 2014-10-10 18:46:59 +0300 )edit

Then you should vote for your favourite in the Jolla 2nd hardware suggestions. I did. :) The J2 will probably be the same size as the current device.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-10 19:03:15 +0300 )edit

Has it occurred to anyone that if you reduce the form factor, then you reduce the battery size - which means you reduce the battery life ...

strongm ( 2014-10-10 21:23:05 +0300 )edit

Sure, but then they'd be bucking against current design goals of keeping phones thin (Galaxy S4 7.9mm, iPhone 5 7.6mm). Frankly, the current Jolla is a bit of a fatty. And let's be honest. ALL smartphones could benefit from better battery life, and that could be addressed in ALL phones by making them thicker. Yet no-one does ...

strongm ( 2014-10-11 14:50:12 +0300 )edit

A phone thinner than that would be possible with a slimmer camera module and a more efficient SoC. The trend for slim phones is partially explained by the fact that most people have their phones in protective cases.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-11 15:05:06 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-10-26 09:40:50 +0300

Ghost gravatar image

i would like it to be the screen size to be the same and it should have a design like the nokia n9

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What about the hardware inside? Any thoughts on that?

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-26 09:56:18 +0300 )edit

hardware seems to be okay by this right? in a phone what reason to be increase in the hardware... if there needs to be a hardware upgrade..

camera can be upgraded... waterproof and dust proof amoled display for glance screen the bezels should be shortened.. faster processors just not to increase the budget of the phone. camera shutter key would be really handy..

Ghost ( 2014-10-26 10:55:12 +0300 )edit

Both volume buttons can be used as shutters on J1.

Thanks for answering my questions. Your answers are in line with what most people wish for in a smaller Jolla. ...but the devil is in the details, as usual.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-26 11:59:55 +0300 )edit

yeah but the camera shutter could be used to launch the camera easily.. take j out off the pocket press it click photos instantly...

Ghost ( 2014-10-26 12:30:29 +0300 )edit

Don't you use the pulley menu to get to the camera?

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-26 13:14:39 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-11-09 22:02:09 +0300

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updated 2014-11-09 22:03:08 +0300

nightmare gravatar image

more versetile notification led controller, capable of(without cpu usage):

  • breathing

  • all functions with all rgb colors

  • alternating color flash
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Sounds like a good idea, even with the info on the amoLED display.

Where would you place the LED?

vattuvarg ( 2014-11-09 23:03:56 +0300 )edit

from a useres perspective top front, next to the jolla1 proximity sensor. but i don't know if this is a smart idea, it could interfere with front cam and/or light sensor

nightmare ( 2014-11-09 23:48:54 +0300 )edit

One possible location for the notification LED would be in the gap between the halves and between the USB and audio connectors?

vattuvarg ( 2014-11-29 14:23:03 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-11-29 14:40:51 +0300

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updated 2014-11-29 14:40:51 +0300

vattuvarg gravatar image

Operating System

Sailfish OS 2.x
Gesture based user experience.

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Where to put the shortcuts for settings seems to be a problem for a smaller screen than a tablet.

vattuvarg ( 2015-03-06 12:20:21 +0300 )edit

I would like to see them on top of the Events Screen (pulled from left/right). And preferrably pinned, if the maximum number is 4, but if it remains as it is that you can have > 4 favourites, then it should scroll with the text IMHO.

raketti ( 2015-03-06 13:12:41 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-03-06 11:35:11 +0300

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updated 2015-03-06 11:35:11 +0300

vattuvarg gravatar image


The J3 should have a user-replaceable battery.

For extended standby times the easiest solution seems to be an external USB battery pack. This solution works well for phones with built-in batteries too. But batteries wear out. Carrying an external battery pack is no solution for a battery going old and tired. Sending your phone to a service point is a more complicated solution than ordering a replacement part.

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I was amazed to see that the Samsung Galaxy S6 models both have built-in batteries.

vattuvarg ( 2015-03-06 11:36:59 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-10-11 22:26:47 +0300

Twinklestar1792 gravatar image

I would suggest to have mobiles of all range like Nokia from *)budget(SoC210 or SoC400), *)midend(SoC600) *)highend(801/805/810SoC,32GB,1.5/2Gb RAM, 8MP front&back with LED flash) smartphones and even wish to see tablets from jolla. *)Smartphones with better battery management *)Dual Sim

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If I can get just a smaller phone for my loved ones then I would be happy. :)

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-11 22:51:49 +0300 )edit

The smaller phone will not be a budget device.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-27 18:40:23 +0300 )edit

Other vendors could supply budget phones with sailfishOS.

vattuvarg ( 2014-11-29 14:27:10 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-10-12 19:02:53 +0300

Ghost gravatar image

the screen size should be the same or else you'll get probs in using the UI.

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Could you please explain why that would happen?

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-12 19:04:43 +0300 )edit

have you used the n9 it has a lot of problems navigating cause the time when you brose the photos you actually minimize the app

Ghost ( 2014-10-12 19:24:06 +0300 )edit

The phone that I used before the Jolla was a Nokia 700, which is even smaller than the suggestion here in this thread. The tiny screen was harder to use, I'll admit that, but it was far from impossible. Swype was easier than hunt&peck because of the minimal keyboard.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-12 20:01:05 +0300 )edit

i'm telling about the meego os. the swipe gestures are not for small screens. the jolla phone i'm using is perfect. only the bezels must thinned...

Ghost ( 2014-10-12 20:18:12 +0300 )edit

I would gladly use a sailfishOS phone with a 4 inch display, but to each his own...

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-12 22:02:37 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-10-15 12:27:42 +0300

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updated 2014-10-15 18:46:54 +0300

vattuvarg gravatar image


It would be nice to angle the lower side edges like this concept phone by Mladen Milic.

NOTE that the image is a computer rendering of a none-existing phone.

evolution concept phone

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Made a simple paper version of the smaller phone with the above design as inspiration. (My sketch isn't nearly as impressive...). Scaled down with the factor of 0.88 the measures of the phone are 115x59. The paper version obviously doesn't have a thickness. I made the side bezels 4.5, the top 10 and the bottom 15mm wide. The display itself would be 50x89mm. The result feels quite good. ...and could possibly be made to look good. :)

Some thoughts
- Angled lower sides does improve the feel of the phone. ...and the reach of the thumb.
- The choices of materials is important to make the phone feel like a tool instead of a toy.
- My daughter would love a Jolla this size. ;-)

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-21 21:01:59 +0300 )edit

I cleaned up my small phone sketch and uploaded it to flickr.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-21 22:56:41 +0300 )edit

Testing with cardboard mockups. The side angle is nice but not essential. Sides could be straight.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-25 13:14:01 +0300 )edit

A bevelled lower bezel would be enough. The bevel would be easy to feel and the orientation of the phone would be obvious. The bevel guides to the notifications.

vattuvarg ( 2014-10-27 18:51:59 +0300 )edit

The correct term for the angle between the bottom of the phone and the lower edge of the display seems to be a chamfer. The angle would be small but easy to feel without looking.

vattuvarg ( 2014-11-09 22:50:53 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-11-29 14:39:34 +0300

pulsar gravatar image

updated 2014-11-29 14:50:48 +0300

Recycle iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 screens

Unique screens with high resolution.

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