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How to assign a custom ambience for an NFC-theotherhalf?

asked 2013-12-29 17:31:38 +0300

datakurre gravatar image

updated 2013-12-29 23:00:46 +0300

pnuu gravatar image

One advertised feature of TOHs was that you could use one half during the work and other one during free time.

Well, I have two different TOHs, but both of them have their own fixed ambiances (while custom ambiances provide a lot of customization options, the current TOH-ambiances allow only custom volume level) and there's no UI to change that.

How could I assign a custom ambiance for an NFC-TOH so that I could use ambaiances with TOHs as advertised? :) Currently, switching TOHs cause more harm than help, because you will lose your current custom ambiance in favor of the fixed TOH one.

(Yes, I know that currently TOHs make even less sense, because of the battery drain issue, but I'm optimistic that it will be fixed soon.)

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I harmonized the topic and tags to use ambience instead of ambiance.

pnuu ( 2013-12-29 23:01:58 +0300 )edit

Thanks for fixing that :)

datakurre ( 2013-12-30 06:06:59 +0300 )edit

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answered 2013-12-29 23:29:37 +0300

simo gravatar image

updated 2014-02-05 10:28:05 +0300

Edited after Jolla released TOH Developer kit: For content, Jolla's NFC uses only the tags UID, and downloading is done from Jolla Strore. 3rd party content must be connected to certain UID's between an agreement with Jolla and the content provider. So to enable using our own, personal content with our own TOH's, it would require:

  • Possibility to upload your own content to the Store server
  • Possibility to attach NFC UID for personal content (either an existing UID of our current TOH's, or a new UID)
  • For new TOH's: App able to check+reserve a single (still free) UID and save that to an unlocked NFC tag

It would be nice if Jolla offered us this choise, e.g. with a (size limited) personal upload folder attached to our current TOH's (unique ID's we've already bought). I suppose after that we could make an app-request for an app like above, and discuss about the possibility to reserve more UID's for personal use. I don't see a security risk here either (e.g. saving the same UID for several NFC tags), as the downloadable content can be attached to only certain UID+Jolla account combination.

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The current NFC tags on TOH's are simple and rewritable, Mifare Ultralight C type 2. Only the ID of the tag is in use, and the actual content is downloaded from Jolla server to the phone.

simo ( 2013-12-29 23:35:05 +0300 )edit

Sounds complex. How does the current tags work and why it would be difficult to just to change on some configuration on the phone side to make them activate custom ambiences?

datakurre ( 2013-12-30 06:09:24 +0300 )edit

@simo Has someone already documented how the tags in the current TOHs work? I'd expect them to be very simple and most of the magic being done on the phone side (in software).

datakurre ( 2013-12-30 07:20:57 +0300 )edit

The NFC tag ID is read, the phone checks if there's content available for that ID. Server address is on the phone. Content includes downloaded files and "tasks to do", which are saved to the phone and run. Each NFC tag sold so far has an unique ID, but in otherways the tags are empty and unlocked.

simo ( 2013-12-30 18:15:45 +0300 )edit

@simo Thanks. So, currently the only way to customize TOH-attached ambiences is to actually modify (in developer mode) the ambience files installed by TOHs. Updates to those packages will, of course, override the modifications.

datakurre ( 2013-12-30 19:21:38 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-02-05 14:15:00 +0300

virgi26 gravatar image

updated 2014-02-05 14:17:43 +0300

repost of my closed question since it's related. What i'm proposing is create an app (it must come from Jolla, since it would change internal TOH's service logic), that would allow modify you currently clipped TOH. So when i clip my TOH, first it would check some local phone storage, wether i have any custom options associated with this particular TOH, and then this options should override predefined options of this TOH (or maybe even ignore some, wen for example i don't want my wallpaper to change). It would work only on my phone, not any other phones (since it's local storage). So when i have several TOHs. it would give me ability to customize look and feel of my Jolla, the way i want it, regardless of my TOHs predefined options. This solution is simple, don't need any modification on Harbour server, don't need change of NFC tag id...

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answered 2013-12-29 22:45:14 +0300

updated 2013-12-29 22:50:09 +0300

I think there is a third party app as for the programmable NFC cards SAMSUNG TecTiles. I think it will be made public soon when Other Halves will be for sale in shop.jolla.com.

I add there is an excellent app for this use on Android: NFC Task Launcher. I don't know if it would work or not.

The question left about the NFC tag of the OH is : Are the tags of Other Halves permanent or shall we modify any of them partially ou totally?

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Alien Dalvik (Android support) doesn't support NFC transmitter yet (only partial support to the camera and GPS so far), so someone should either port that to Sailfish or fix the support issues. (I've already tried NFC Task Launcher and couple of other apps with no luck)

simo ( 2013-12-29 23:23:28 +0300 )edit

@juju_des_highlands not locked. Read comments of the other answer.

simo ( 2013-12-30 20:18:36 +0300 )edit
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