Hierarchy (page) indicator should not be a button [released]

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Touching the hirarchy indicator on the top left position of a page equals a swipe to the right and returns to the previous page of an app.
This can be extremly annoying, when it has been tapped accidentally. Example: Using the email app in landscape mode leaves only a very narrow space for the text above the huge virtual keyboard. On the top left there are the glowing dots of the indicator. In the unfortunate case of having mistyped anything near the indicator setting the cursor to this position can lead to loosing all text already typed as the application returns to the mailbox page.
The only chance to set the cursor to such a position is to close the virtual keyboard and scroll up a little to get out of the dangerous tapping zone.

Apart from that:

  • Wasn't Sailfish OS supposed to be used with gestures and not by tapping buttons? ;-)
  • There is no equal button for the opposite function - walking to the next page (left swipe)
  • Who uses this button as it is quite difficult to reach this button in normal use case (single handed)

Edit: I will close this, as with firmware version the hirarchy indicators have been reworked. They are much smaller now, because they do not show dots for the pages stacked up but only indicate, that at least one more page is availlable by swiping left/right. This reduces the amount of space taken by the inidicator and thus the danger of being pressed accidentally.

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Losing text isn't really a problem of the button but of the application not automatically saving text as you are typing. I do agree that when the screen is covered with an editable text zone, it's not the easiest thing to place the cursor at a position near the button, however, you can also easily (at least to me) work around this by moving the cursor from a different place in the text to the place you want near the button, which allows for more precise placement as well!

nthn ( 2014-10-16 22:14:36 +0300 )edit

Ah! Thank you! Your comment lead me to the conclusion, that there must be more to explore. After almost a year using the device I just found out how to let the cursor float over characters by setting the cursor to a new postion and long tap the same postion again. I feel so dumb now :-)
Still - I don't like the idea of the indicator as a back button.

ibins ( 2014-10-16 22:35:24 +0300 )edit