BUG: GPS positioning accuracy different while moving vs. standing still

asked 2014-10-17 23:20:08 +0200

JS gravatar image

Were hunting entire day and found a strange GPS behaviour. I used an Android app (We Hunt) and as other users had encountered, (some?) android apps only gets fixed GPS position if Sailfish Maps were started before and only tracks correct if it still is active in background.

I also saw that if I were moving, the GPS accuracy circle were very small and it showed my position very accurate, but if I stopped moving the accuracy circle just growed and growed and the position dot started to jump around. If I switched over to Sailfish Maps the circle had the same large size as in the Android app. I wouldn't complain if it just happened in the woods, but it also happens in completely open terrain.

Sometimes I had to restart both apps to get accuracy back and sometimes I could continue moving with accurate GPS positioning. Didn't found any connections when or why it behaved different, but I hadn't so many possibilities to test it either.

I can't remember that I have seen that large accuracy circle in Sailfish Maps before, other than during startup, but I know that I've seen the dot jump around while I stand still before.

We Hunt worked very well with almost no issues in january and february this year (when I bought it) but after some OS update during the spring or summer, don't remember wich one, the GPS fix and tracking issue came up.

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