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Network strange behaviour after connection to university with wpa2 [duplicate]

asked 2014-10-18 23:13:33 +0300

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I need to tell the story before that you might understand me:

Finally I managed to connect to universitys network after asking several times and not getting an answer to my problem by just try and error. I could connect to universitys network before the 8th upgrade with the patched version of wpa supplicant as in this thread suggested: https://together.jolla.com/question/315/wpa-8021x-enterprise-others-gui-wifi-support-needed-workaround/

After upgrade 8 this did not work anymore. I asked for help but there was no - seems that most people didnt have that problem so I thought, I use my mobile network. After a while I was not that happy with it so I tried and finally I got connected just by downloading the certificate the university lets me download and by replacing the line with CA_cert to the configuration file. Happy as I was I thought then maybe anything could be alright right now.

But it is not: In the university just the Jolla browser is able to connect to the Internet, no other application manages this (webcat, mail). I was giving up on that line but then problems at home arised: This was I could not upgreade anything from the store or install. Searchin for some help I figured out that "pkcon refresh" would probably do the job for me but a strange error occured: There was a connection error and the message was that it was unable to connect to some adress related to the university. After killing the Universitys configuration file and rebooting anything was fine again but I'm really thinking how things should work again with wifi at home and at university.

So what I'm asking for is: How could that be and what sollution could be suggested.

Maybe I found some bug in the wifi connectivity.

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answered 2014-10-19 00:41:27 +0300

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ok, so waiting for update 10? thanks

NuklearFart ( 2014-10-19 10:32:11 +0300 )edit

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