Call log scrolls to the bottom (

asked 2014-10-23 20:11:31 +0300

Jesse gravatar image

I have problem that call log scrolls to the very bottom when pressing the quarter of the screen in top left corner.

Sometimes that area is about whole quarter (half of the width and half of the height) in top left corner, sometimes it is only like 5-10 mm from left but still half of the height.

And because no quick scroll, I have to close the app and come again. If I wanna call to someone, I have to press from right side of the screen.

Reproduce: - Open call log - Press left side of the screen on some of the top 5 calls - It should scroll, if not, swipe back to call log and try to press more up and left - If scrolled to the bottom, close the app, open it again and try again in different place

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