Same TOH, bigger Jolla. [not relevant]

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I don't see any conflict between the (current) TOH and the possibility of having a bigger Jolla - or even different sized Jolla's, all using the same TOH. Couldn't we have a bigger Jolla, (with a bigger "first half"), and the current TOH attached to it? All the (potential) functions of the TOH would be preserved, and I would add that in that case the TOH would also gain a clever ergonomic function, giving a better hold of the device (the other half would be like a "bump" over the first half).

I don't see any aesthetic problem neither; it would actually make Jolla even more interesting, eyecatching, and, yes, unlike. In fact, the TOH, especially if in some funky color, would be even more accentuated.

But, most importantly, this concept would allow to have different sized Jolla's, fitting the needs of different users. A "power user" could have his BIG screen Jolla. Me, for example, I would like to have a more squarish screen, something like the BlackBerry Passport (but without the physical keyboard). Because it's true, as their new headline properly says; you can't "work wide" on a narrow screen. For sending simple emails, I use the Jolla email app, but when I have to (especially for business) compose a more elaborate one, I use the AquaMail android app, which have very good rich text options and I can also insert images inline. But, even in landscape, the process becomes a little bit of a parody of what real productivity should be (... with the keyboard covering more than half of the screen:). I'm running Linux on my pc, and of course I can do all my business related stuff on it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to be able to use Jolla as a serious productivity tool. Sailfish is lightweight, fast and reliable - it's perfect for that. It would also be perfect to see more and have better control over contents.

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I'm a power user and yet I would love to see jolla revert to the size of the n9, the current size is not comfortable to clip to your belt a phone should be a phone and a tablet a tablet.

I see great value in being able to operate my phone with the hand in which I am holding it while my other hand is free to hold operate equipment, keep me safe etc.

Keeper-of-the-Keys ( 2014-10-26 17:34:25 +0300 )edit

To satisfy all (or the most) peole Jolla should have (at least) two sizes of the "Next-Gen-Jolla" - e.g. 4" and 4.7 or 5" devices. But I assume this would require to many resources, so in this case I would prefer a phone with similar dimensions as the first Jolla Phone, but with a bigger (4.7") screen (= less bezel).

torcida ( 2014-10-26 19:09:43 +0300 )edit

The current size of the phone should be able to accommodate a larger screen e.g. 4.7"

pmelas ( 2014-10-26 20:06:25 +0300 )edit

Current size could accommodate 5"

midnightoil ( 2014-10-27 10:12:28 +0300 )edit

Yes, the current size can fit a 5 inch screen, and definitely I wouldn't mind that. But, then again, as I said, I'm sure there's a niche for a bigger screen, or even a more squarish one. Just forget for a moment definitions like phone, phablet, tablet. Why start the paradigm with a phone in mind and then make it smarter. I don't want a (smart)phone, I want a mobile computer. That can also make phone calls. And a screen that accommodates that.

Igor_Diminich ( 2014-10-27 22:44:19 +0300 )edit