Riitek keyboard?

asked 2014-10-28 15:04:10 +0300

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Did anybody manage to make the Riitek RT-MWH02 keyboard working with Jolla ?

I did, but with limited usability, and only with QWERTY layout, as the supplied setup utility (Android, unfortunately) doesn't work.

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There's a number of questions here about non-QWERTY layouts of BT keyboards. Nobody found an answer so far. (In fact, when Jolla released the support for BT keyboards, they stated it would support US-keyboard layout only.)

So it seems that you're not alone, a lot of people are waiting to use other layouts, but nobody found out how to tweak things so far.

ossi1967 ( 2014-10-28 15:08:56 +0300 )edit

Got one such keyboard as well, luckily with US layout. Works in native apps, but e.g. control doesn't seem to work in the terminal, and the on-screen keyboard is of course visible all the time.

SimppaJ ( 2015-01-26 08:41:55 +0300 )edit