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What annoyed me with pretty much every phone I have had so far, is that there is no searching (or filtering) through the history of messages in place.

I would propose that Jolla offers a search/filter option in its messaging apps.

Some simple use cases:

  • you know Arnold sent you a very interesting link a month or so ago, that you need it right now. You open up your discussion with Arnold, but instead of scrolling for ages (as in the olden days), you invoke the search/filter option and just type in http and _presto!_ there it is! ☺
  • you asked several people (per SMS and IM) about what they think about your nifty new TOH, but for the love of all that’ unlike you cannot remember everyone who answered you and scrolling through a dozen or more logs is out of the question. So you invoke the global search and type in my nifty new TOH and in a short while get the list of all messages that include that string with an option to enter each thread at that particular message.
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There are several threads on the topic: and being some of them. Please vote and comment there. This is a duplicate question.

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I found the global search, but my first question did not fall into that.

The second question, I did not see before, so thanks for the pointer. I’ll move this discussion there.

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