Transfers - .pls files "Cannot open file, file type 'audio/x-scpls' not supported"

asked 2014-10-29 14:25:54 +0300

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updated 2018-06-22 18:26:36 +0300

This issue still persists in with an added irritation.

Further regression for jolla-mediaplayer, leaving this player useless for my liking. Now not only are .PLS files not recognised from Transfers, but the usual PLS file is not even recognised AT ALL my mediaplayer even when shoved into the correct folder!, the .PLS downloads on Jolla1 as 0.00B file size, but when downloaded on my PC it shows as 357BYTES, then I can add the .PLS to /home/nemo/Music and jolla-mediaplayer recognises - what a load of fkin around to get one file working! :(

This issue was first noticed in with an "Oops, file type not supported" message in Transfers, but the files did at least appear in Mediaplayer and worked as expected.

present in present in present in

After downloading (successfully) the file from and tapping on it in Transfers, I get the immediate message Cannot open file, file type 'audio/x-scpls' not supported.

Mediaplayer is not showing the .pls file and refreshing the media database does not help.

After a manual search for .pls files present in the system, I found the 2 I downloaded, but they were stuck in a 'temp' folder, I copied them to my Music folder, now they appear in Mediaplayer and work as expected.

Quite clearly, .pls files are supported but not fully recognised by other parts of the system.

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