Jolla phone to someone who deserves it [not relevant]

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We haven't seen contests or giveaways shared here at TJC, but this one just deserves to be linked here - as it's from our own community bunny @cybette and she's giving a Jolla phone to someone from her own nest. What an example of true Sailor's altruism!

Until November 12 or around that, after which Carol will announce the winner at that same link. Read the nice post carefully and think if you would deserve this, or tip your friend about this, if you know someone who should write a comment there

NOTE: The giveaway is shared at the blog - Not here! Please follow the link and read the post there

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Stephen Elop should get this :trollface: :P

ApB ( 2014-10-31 00:53:15 +0300 )edit

please give one to CepiPerez

Leinad ( 2014-10-31 02:04:07 +0300 )edit

Please tell it to him so he can participate - no prices shared here, please follow the link above :)

simo ( 2014-10-31 02:09:04 +0300 )edit