Accessibility Options - Idea [Feature Request(?)]

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I don't know if it is a duplicate of anyhing here. Actualy, I have not found any similar threads. Anyway...

SailfishOS is bragging about the ease of single-handed use. I would say, (for me, at least) it is quite risky as it is now. I am not telling it is impossible, though.

What if there were an option (in - say - Display Settings) for the following:

Double-tap-and-hold any part of the screen and drag the whole UI somewhere. The contets of the screen were moving (regardless of the borders of the actual screen) and staying where the user dropped it for a few hundred milliseconds, so that the user could tap a hareder-to-reach area of the UI without risking of dropping Jolla. If not touching anything, the UI transitions back to its original position.

Double-tap-and-hold-to-drag would comply with the current UI/UX standards of Jolla.

Please, consider, give your thoughts.

LVPVS out.

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