All day events on calender cover

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I have one major issue with the cover for the calendar. I try to use it to see my upcoming appointments on the home screen. However if 2 of my friends have birthdays on that day, all the cover shows is the birthday as it now an all day event. Even if there is just 1 friend with a birthday on the day, I only see one upcoming appointment as the 1st of the 2 appointments on the cover is the birthday. I am unable to view upcoming appointments on the cover at all

I would suggest one (or all) of the the following for the calender cover

  • Do not show all day events on the cover at all. Atleast offer users the option to turn that off
  • Allow users to choose the calenders for which the cover shows appointments. Currently if you disable a calendar it is disabled everywhere - in the app as well as the cover
  • Only show all day events up to a certain time early in the morning (8 or 9 am) as if its an all day event, surely it would have started 1st thing in the morning
  • Show a number somewhere on the cover that lists the number of all day events for the day (which a user can see by tapping the cover and launching the app) and show details of non-all day events on the cover

Additionally, if the info shown on the cover could be a bit more detailed, that would be amazing. The amount of information shown now is very very limited.

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If we could set priority for the events and the app show them in order, it would be great.

fishegg ( 2014-11-18 02:18:19 +0300 )edit