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There are other questions about snooze, but I find they are either too broad about alarm in general, or too specific about how it should be implemented.

It is possible to do set the global default snooze time, but I'm interested in setting the snooze time per alarm like the N9.

The use case is a simple quick way to be reminded repeatedly every X minutes to do some task other than waking up. eg.

  • Buy milk after work (once-off, nag every 5 minutes starting at 5pm)
  • Bring clothes in if raining (I always wash before noon during one of the weekends, so: every saturday & sunday, nag every 15 minutes starting at 12pm)

Then I can dismiss the snooze, once the job is done.

The output of timedclient -h looks like it is possible, but it sure isn't straightforward and looks like it might affect the calendar, I don't know. But I would be interested to see how this command would like, if anyone has already figured it out and would like to share.

In any case, a UI is needed to really solve this. Thanks.

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I would go even further. Individual settings per alarm for:

  • how many times the alarm sounds before auto-snooze
  • interval between the above
  • how many times it can snooze before it turns off (default = infinity)
  • interval between the above
  • the alarm sound

For example,

Alarm 1: 06:30. Play a Turkish March theme. If I don't hit snooze, wait 30 seconds, then play it again. Repeat 3 times. Snooze for 3 minutes. Repeat the whole cycle 5 times or until cancelled manually.

Alarm 2: 17:30. Play Yankee Doodle once. Snooze 5 minutes. Repeat indefinitely until cancelled manually.

My 10 years old Palm had that and I used it all the time. Admittedly it was a third party app, not built-in. Maybe I should write one.

pichlo ( 2015-01-18 12:35:18 +0300 )edit

Right you are! That's where my comment should have gone :(

Incidentally, that post's comments list a lot of similar other requests. It looks like a popular topic.

pichlo ( 2015-01-18 21:26:51 +0300 )edit