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Make your idea even greater !!!

asked 2014-11-20 19:48:36 +0200

PietroI gravatar image

Just few tips how to get your idea even further.

  1. Make some open hardware connection interface to your tablet
  2. Make some hardware board where you can plug arduino compatible shields so they can be controlled by your tablet
  3. Make this devices programmable with QT project (
  4. Make the case printable in 3D printers for industrial usage which will hide all connected hardware inside

This will push your project even to other communities and sphere of business. You can control any hardware and unlock new world of possibilities :)

May God bless you.

Peter from Slovakia

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-11-20 20:34:00 +0200

PietroI gravatar image

It can be even some kind of competition to the Beagleboard (

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answered 2014-11-22 19:29:11 +0200

mariner gravatar image

It would be nice if there were some Sailfish apps which support 3d printing such as 3d image capture and generation of designs. I don't know if such things exist, although I guess self contained web software exists for the latter. I think lifestyle apps for wearable devices and similar should be possible, but Samsung, Google and Apple may have already tied systems into their own hardware/software.

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