account synchronisation status missed

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currently i miss something when i want to sync the data of an account on my phone.

When try to update the account i go into option of this one and choose synchronise.
Whats happened then? visually nothing, and it's happened a lots of things.

But i am aware that some data are missed or are duplicate.
Sometime happened really nothing. why? i dont know.

Some proposal:
i find it will be really fine if there some visual effect which informs that the job is on doing, lime a rotating circle or a timebar.
Why not making in the account option menu the aura which is above glowing alternatively stronger and weaker as long as the job works.
Or change alternatively the color of the aura with all colors
If it done successfully, it makes the option menu green, if not red, with a button option named as report. to inform why it didn't work.
with this information, we can solve a lots of things with our own.
For example a better parameter on the outgoing account, or on the phone.
And gives then some more precise diagnostic to the developper team, if there some bugs or concept misunderstood from other part...

I think those kind of little things are not really complicated but really important.

with SFOS 1.1.4 seems to be better.
System informs if Some account should be updated.
But the informations that it is on going, done or failed are still missed...

Still missed on SFOS .
In reality nothing is to see in the view of the account-option menu.
But we see an update of job-status on cover if we park the option in his cover in home-view
That's not bad, i like it
But should we always go to home view for seeing that something works or is on doing?

Thank you in advance for interesting and understanding.

have a good sail ;-)

ps: if someone has other proposals, or want to give his reaction, please go ahead to answer. it's welcome

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yes quite similar..
I up-voted, because such a tool referenced is a little bit disabled without those type of status messages.
and nothing has change since the while...

cemoi71 ( 2017-01-18 12:32:01 +0300 )edit