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RETURN order N 200002192 [answered]

asked 2013-12-30 13:08:34 +0300

mamulovd gravatar image

Hi. You confirmed me cancellation and refund of money for order number 200002192 at 12.12.2013. You still keeping amount of 798 eur +amount for delivery and it's not good for to deal in this way. I have no news about my money! I ask you to make a refund ASAP, and give me an answer for my request!

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-12-30 13:10:20 +0300

This is probably a better question to send to care@jolla.com - this is a co-creation forum.

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I tried several times but care@jolla.com never answer from 15/12/2013. It's not work anymore.

mamulovd ( 2013-12-30 13:25:09 +0300 )edit

answered 2013-12-30 16:49:07 +0300

eric gravatar image

Indeed, Your request is currently handled at care@jolla.com under Ticket#2453. Closing here.

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