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wifi kills networking

asked 2014-11-24 17:30:32 +0300

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updated 2016-08-17 11:05:49 +0300

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I have a strange bug.

A WiFi connection, forwarded through 2/3 repeater, stops working after some time (sometimes seconds / sometimes hours). After the connection breaks, the whole networking stops. The settings App closes when I try to tap the WiFi symbol and the Mobile Networking section tells me that networking is not available. I have to reboot the Phone to get it working again. I can reproduce this everytime with variating times. Sometimes, it happends after it looses the WiFi signal for a short time (coffee break)

I'm using the opt-in beta

It seems that this WiFi is the only one that breaks my connections

I don't know how to get additional Information on this problem. But maybe you could suggest something, so I could gather information to eliminate this bug.

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I think that this is related with the general conman issues and is simply another symptom of the incorrect handling of connection switching between WiFi/mobile data along with connection behaviour when the phone goes into the deep sleep mode. Please consider voting also for this bug so it will hopefully get Jolla's attention and a better resolution:

This bug is trying to be a "Please fix the conman" generic request. So after that we will get reliable data connection in our smartphone which is the really basic backend of the smartphone experience

cquence ( 2014-11-24 17:35:27 +0300 )edit

already voted for it

renegade22 ( 2014-11-24 17:50:42 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-11-24 17:39:13 +0300

luchmhor gravatar image

I have/had the same problem some weeks ago. You can try to remove/move all files in the /var/lib/connman and restart the device. In my case it worked, but in the end i wiped the device and made a system reset.

In general: the stability of network connections (especially wifi) is dreadful and something the Jolla Team should really focus on as this is a mobile device and making wireless connections is THE crucial purpose of the device.

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I'll try removing those files and let you know how it works out.l

renegade22 ( 2014-11-24 17:51:26 +0300 )edit

Didn't work. At first it even wont be a saved connection. This worked on the 2nd try but still kills my networking.

I'll report back if the problem persists after the BIG update.

renegade22 ( 2014-11-30 18:01:46 +0300 )edit
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