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Different led colours for shutdown and poweron [answered]

asked 2014-11-24 20:53:50 +0200

simo gravatar image

updated 2014-11-24 23:12:29 +0200

Hi, an idea from my boy who's been using Jolla for a few weeks now: He finds it confusing that the led shows constant red both in shutdown and when turning the phone on - anything that could be done to this? Both Developer tweaks and any suggestions for permanent solutions would be great as answers, thanks in advance!

Edit by father ;) This seems to be the case only when powering the phone up while it's charging. When not charging, the led is white when powering up, when charging, it's first red, and I suppose that's what my boy is talking about here

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Have a look at the contents of 20hybris-led.ini file found in; etc/mce/20hybris-led.ini - Not sure that editing this file is the way to go, but it is good for info on the subject of changing LED colours.


Spam Hunter ( 2014-11-24 23:10:38 +0200 )edit

Thanks @Markkyboy - Checked the file, very nice possibilities for customization there, but doesn't solve this one. It seems that poweroff pattern is used both in "actdead" and in "device on" mode, when the power button is pressed.

simo ( 2014-11-25 15:05:16 +0200 )edit

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answered 2014-11-24 23:09:54 +0200

iamer gravatar image

The confusion happens when you are charging the phone while it is "off" while it is actually in act dead mode. So when you turns it "on" from actdead it glows red first as it shuts down first then boots up again.

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Thanks, I've edited this into the question to make it clear. So, we're dealing with "power off from actdead" colour, which he experiences as confusing then

simo ( 2014-11-24 23:14:58 +0200 )edit

answered 2014-11-24 23:06:36 +0200

Venemo gravatar image

My Jolla lights up a white LED when turning on and red when turning off, without any tweaks.

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I suppose this "red" issue happens only when powering up while charging, as so does mine (and his) if charger is not connected

simo ( 2014-11-24 23:08:55 +0200 )edit

@Venemo - The white LED at power-on is actually Grey @ 75%, so yes, almost white :) See the 20hybris-led.ini file found in; etc/mce/20hybris-led.ini


Spam Hunter ( 2014-11-24 23:13:58 +0200 )edit

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