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Native Video Player - how to go about it [ --almost-- SOLVED]

asked 2014-12-01 12:26:11 +0300

wickwire gravatar image

updated 2014-12-01 16:47:21 +0300

Hi guys,

I've been thinking about developing a native video player for Jolla, came across LLs Player on but apparently the app didn't make it to the official Jolla store due to API infringement (?)

I've also searched in here but came up a bit empty, so here's my question:

I'd like to know if anyone could give some pointers on how to work on a video player for Jolla, considering that it's possible to produce one that qualifies for the Jolla Store.

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2014-12-01 12:56:59 +0300

Ghost gravatar image

make a video player that is gesture based.. see 'mx player' in android it has a cool features like gestures to seek, increase volume, brightness etc..

it would be awesome to have that.. and it should also have live preview while minimized..

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answered 2014-12-01 12:40:20 +0300

ossi1967 gravatar image

An idea would be to check YTplayer. I don't know how specific it is tailored to youtube videos, but maybe you're lucky and the code is generic enough to point you in the right direction. (Just a thought, never looked at it myself.)

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YTplayer actually uses a hack to hide its unallowed apis. It is actually using and binding them from c++ which can't be checked with the harbour tools instead of using the api directly in QML. I would rather not do this for newer apps as this is just a hack to the restrictions of harbour.

leszek ( 2015-01-23 23:54:51 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-12-01 13:36:57 +0300

wickwire gravatar image

Thanks for all the feedback, while it would be interesting to discuss features and functionalities, first I'd just like to make sure that developing a video player is properly supported on the platform and that the app may actually be released in the Jolla Store, so my efforts at the moment are focused on that issue.

I'm still investigating, I'll probably get in touch with LLs Player's developer and Jolla and see if there's a clarifying answer!

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answered 2014-12-01 16:45:47 +0300

wickwire gravatar image

updated 2014-12-01 16:49:29 +0300

Ok, I've just managed to clarify this question so I'm marking this as (kind of) solved

Unfortunately, it all has to do with Sailfish.Media 1.0 not being officially released yet - and many thanks to roboro@#sailfishos.irc for clarifying it to me

More reading on the matter here:

While there's an explanation for this, I'm not willing to close the issue as it seems to be quite popular and requested, so hopefully Jolla is watching and if there's anything we can do to help speed this up, please let the community know.

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