Restrict (allow/disallow) internet access to applications

asked 2013-12-30 19:11:13 +0200

updated 2014-07-25 11:50:31 +0200

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I want to be able to set which applications have access to internet.

Maybe this feature can be enabled in settings. Default would be disabled (in this case all applications have access). If user enables this then none of applications have access except those confirmed by user.

When application without rights would want to access internet user could decide to allow or not. Also a list with all allowed applications is nedded.

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simply on demand connection if not registered to whitelist app can acces Internet

redge73 ( 2014-01-04 07:36:37 +0200 )edit

iinm apps need to be cgrouped before they can be restricted network access?

AL13N ( 2014-01-04 10:44:27 +0200 )edit

I would like to see such a feature, however I think there is already a place where the configuration should live; settings => apps.

fl ( 2014-01-12 13:59:29 +0200 )edit