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[battery] Indiegogo campaign or "spamming" Mugen Power batteries?

asked 2014-12-14 03:30:25 +0300

matllica gravatar image

Hi all,

I create this topic to overcome the lack of professionalism of jolla about (non)availability of its batteries. Since the community has managed to do almost 2 million for the tablet may be can we create a Indiegogo campaign to make batteries or massively ask mugen power batteries (http://www.mugenpowerbatteries.com/) to make a big 4200mAh battery.

Sorry for my english google is responsible for the translation, if a French / English speaking has better translation he did not mind ;-)

Salut a tous,

je crée ce topic pour pallier au manque de professionalisme de jolla quand a la (non)disponibilité de ses batteries. Puisque la communauté a reussi a faire quasiment 2 millions pour la tablette peut etre pouvons nous créer une campagne indiegogo pour faire fabriquer des batteries, ou demander massivement a mugen power batteries (http://www.mugenpowerbatteries.com/ ) de fabriquer une grosse batterie 4200mAh.

Désolé pour mon anglais google se charge de la traduction, si un franco/ anglophone a une meilleur traduction qu'il ne se gêne pas ;-)

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Or check this out https://together.jolla.com/question/67961/not-a-question-just-found-compatible-spare-battery-for-jolla/?answer=68969#post-id-68969 and be there on time to get your own spare battery from the online store when they are avaible.

avhakola ( 2014-12-14 06:11:43 +0300 )edit

@avhakola: that's not a solution, especially not when there are only 10 batteries available for several thousand people looking for one.

nthn ( 2014-12-14 11:58:48 +0300 )edit

@nthn that is why I said people should keep their eyes open to be there on time to get one. Even if there is IGG campain it might take really long time to have the batteries on the hands of the supporters and the ask Mugen to produce batteries starts to look like real "spamming" with given message template. Hundreds or thousands of peoples sending the exact same message, when everyone should make it personal.

avhakola ( 2014-12-14 15:32:49 +0300 )edit

4 hours later -> sold out, i've a job i can't be on tjc 24 hours a day

matllica ( 2014-12-14 15:52:51 +0300 )edit

Totally agree with @matllica !

ced117 ( 2014-12-14 17:55:48 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-06-29 14:26:17 +0300

DrYak gravatar image

Another company that would could kinldy and politely ask for 3rd party support would be Akku King

They support not only smartphones (like most 3rd party providers), but tons of other devices, including GPS, power tools, powered toy cars, home appliances, etc... Seems that if a device has batteries, they have replacment for it.

I've had good experience with replacement from them for an old TomTom One v1

So perhaps, if we ask politely, we might attract their attention ?

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my n900 and n8 are running on Akku King. Very descent quality!

mosen ( 2015-07-01 16:16:02 +0300 )edit

I can confirm mosen. Used a Akku King battery for my Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. Decent quality, no problems in 1 1/2 years of daily use. Price-performance ratio is IMHO very good.

shiro kitsune ( 2015-10-31 17:00:43 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-12-14 12:52:59 +0300

r0kk3rz gravatar image

updated 2014-12-14 14:01:05 +0300

nthn gravatar image

Sent in a request on the contact us page for the Mugen people, feel free to use the bellow as a template for your own message to them.


Currently there are no businesses making replacement or extended batteries for the Jolla Phone (http://jolla.com/jolla)

I believe this is an opportunity for your business to support a small but growing community around this device. Jolla has released .STL files (http://jolla.com/the-other-half-developer-kit/) for the injection molded back cover so designing a modified back cover for the extended battery should be fairly easy.

Please take a look, and I hope to see some MugenPower accessories for the Jolla Phone soon
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Would be good to mention and really emphasize the fact that there is demand for these batteries. The small batch of batteries (iirc 25€/pcs?) went so fast that many were left with nothing.

Okw ( 2014-12-14 18:26:22 +0300 )edit

without knowing the quantity of the batch its hard to make any decisions based on just the timeframe, so i deliberately kept it short and to the point.

r0kk3rz ( 2014-12-14 18:35:25 +0300 )edit

If they were interested, I suspect the first thing they'd do is contact Jolla and ask them #1 how many units are in circulation, and #2 if availability is going to continue and for how long, #3 if successors will retain battery compartment dimensions and voltage requirements. Answer to #1 MIGHT satisfy them, but I have a feeling #2 & #3 would rule it out ...

midnightoil ( 2014-12-14 22:29:23 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-12-14 17:31:37 +0300

Jozo gravatar image

At least Jolla knows now the level of demand for spare batteries. The quantity sold last week was probably really small (tens maybe) but those were sold in few hours. It would be really nice to know if the availability is a problem due problems of getting them from manufacturer or Jolla is not able to order them in big enough quantities.

Maybe Jolla could do pre-order for spare batteries to Jolla shop and when certain amount of batteries is sold they could order them?

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@Jozo why not ask the support or tjc modos like eric (@eric: https://together.jolla.com/users/2/eric/ i have problem with his link) they know more than you can know

cemoi71 ( 2014-12-15 13:16:40 +0300 )edit

@cemoi71 don't know if it is even possible to send private questions here... Question that attracts enough attention should be noticed by tjc modes

Jozo ( 2014-12-15 21:23:43 +0300 )edit

@Jozo special theme. don't forget that we are a community. and we act for the other. first think what's good for the other. and this above...aouch...

cemoi71 ( 2014-12-15 22:20:50 +0300 )edit
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