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BlackBerries as well as Symbian phones have the possibility to assign a contact's phone number to a key on their keyboard (usually hardware). Long-press on that key then dials the number assigned. This can be done at any place no matter of the current place in the UI.

It would be great to have such functionality in Sailfish as well. With VKB there needs to be a simple way to raise it anywhere in the UI. I thought about a tripple tap, swipe with two fingers or something similarly simple which will not conflict with the common gestures.

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you are right, the number 1 from quickdial keypad is generally affected to voicemail

redge73 ( 2013-12-30 22:16:14 +0300 )edit

Yes, there's even the "tape" sign on the "1" key.

What I meant was rather usage of the alphanumeric keyboard which would allow for many more quick dials which could be assigned.

strnous ( 2013-12-30 22:19:47 +0300 )edit

As a related note, the pressing the 1 key on the numeric dial calls voicemail/mailbox. (I think that may actually be in the GSM spec; even if not it has been a common convention across devices and OSes for a long time.)

In case there is no voicemail telephne number assigned, an error message to this effect is presented. It would be nice if in addition, after the error it would take you to the setup screen for that number (normally reached through Settings->Apps->Telephone icon).

nephros ( 2014-01-16 12:51:10 +0300 )edit

Quick dials are very helpful and since the voicemail number for 1 key is already configurable, it seems natural to be able to do the same for the rest of the keys as well. This is a feature I am really missing.

Drekkarian ( 2014-04-19 23:55:34 +0300 )edit