[Question] Bluetooth and Wifi interference?

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Heyho, Meanwhile I managed to get a Qwertz-Keymap for my BT keyboard thanks to this posts (https://together.jolla.com/question/46107/is-there-a-config-file-to-change-bt-keyboard-layout/) answer by @remjey and it works fine. However, I have a feeling that once it is connected, my Wifi-Connection nearly collapses. Connection is really slowing down massively up to unusability.

Other way around, also BT seems to suffer as various characters typed with BT keyboard com double or not at all. When WiFi is off on the other hand, the keyboard works perfectly smooth.

Anybody else having these problems or able to reproduce these? It seems quite strange.

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I have the same problem. I am using a Bestek BTBBK6200 keyboard and tried changing the channel (1/6/12) and the mode (bgn-mixed or only n/b/g), but did not try all combinations of those. However nothing helped, whenever I turned on WLAN the keyboard input becomes erratic just as you described.

Tajo ( 2015-01-02 17:24:33 +0300 )edit

Thanks for your input. Hopefully this is a software sided problem and not depending on the hardware...

ramoth ( 2015-01-05 00:09:01 +0300 )edit

Run into a problem when trying with SailfishOS to pair with a bluetooth headset (Motorola MOTOROKR S9) when WiFi was enabled. After disabling WiFi bluetooth pairing succeeded.

axaq ( 2015-01-09 02:22:31 +0300 )edit

Have tested WiFi internet radio streaming to 3 different bluetooth audio devices. With each bluetooth device I experienced 3-5s silent sound periods every 5-20min using different internet radio stations. Haven't noticed silent sound periods when playing lokal files to bluetooth audio. Also not when listening internet radio using cable connected headphones.

axaq ( 2015-01-10 00:55:00 +0300 )edit

Same case for my bluetooth headset (Philips SHB6100). Pairing the devices is fine. But WiFi connection is dropped very frequently. Watching streamed videos while connecting to bluetooth headset is no-go for me.

tlsiu ( 2015-02-01 08:00:43 +0300 )edit