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Inspired by the GeoCaching thread, I decided to open a separate question for – the basic idea is to exchange books with strangers, mostly by describing where you left it and finding it by a similar description.

…or as Wikipedia describes it:

BookCrossing (also BC, BCing or BXing) is defined as "the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise." The term is derived from, a free online book club which was founded to encourage the practice, aiming to "make the whole world a library."

The 'crossing' or exchanging of books may take any of a number of forms, including wild-releasing books in public, direct swaps with other members of the websites, or "book rings" in which books travel in a set order to participants who want to read a certain book. The community aspect of has grown and expanded in ways that were not expected at the outset, in the form of blog or forum discussions, mailing lists and annual conventions throughout the world.

Especially if you are travelling, it would be great to have an app (with GPS) to help you find books you are looking for and to describe where you left them.

For inspiration (or peer pressure), there is already an app for Android and IOS.

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