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[bug] Connection disabled state, battery/random reboot issues. [subjective]

asked 2015-01-13 18:56:59 +0200

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updated 2015-01-29 07:47:18 +0200

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Hi all! First post here, since this bug is starting to annoy me.

So I'm having some stability issues. Well, kind of.

The first months with my jolla went fine, but later I've been experiencing some heavy crashing, rebooting and errors. Right now, as I'm writing this with my laptop, my Jolla is lying in front of me, displaying an "!" icon on the data indicator. No connections can be established, and apps don't seem to start at all. This happens quite often, a few times a week.

Then there's sudden reboots, which often happen when opening mitakuuluu's chats. The phone just shuts itself down and reboots immediatly. Also happens sometimes randomly, without using mitakuuluu (except as a background process, you know, for receiving messages).

And my third problem is related to the battery. The battery indicator often goes from ~50% to 4-2% and after that the phone shuts itself down. Usually taking off the battery fixes this. Every now and then my jolla just shuts down and displays the full-screen charging icon (having plenty of battery charge left) and I have to boot it up again.

I could really use a week of uptime. It's frustrating having to reboot the phone few times a day.

Couldn't find any help from earlier posts, though someone had the battery problem, it was closed without solving and the linked problem wasn't similar to me.

If you need any log files or details, let me know. Oh, and I'm running Vaarainjärvi update. Thanks for the help!

P.S.: Should I submit my problems in separate posts?

Edit: Closing this one, making separate posts.

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The question has been closed for the following reason "too subjective and argumentative" by eric
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@Kayakist Yes, that's the post. It seems to be yours, did you do something to get it fixed, or did the problem disappear?

I should probably make the separate posts now. Thanks!

alcalinebattery ( 2015-01-13 21:27:12 +0200 )edit

@alcalinebattery No, I didn't do anything to fix it. For me, the problem occurred all-in-all a couple of times during a one week period, and then vanished completely. I guess I'll reopen the question then, as the issue wasn't the one- off I thought it to be.

Kayakist ( 2015-01-13 22:11:51 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-01-13 20:49:57 +0200

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updated 2015-01-13 21:04:53 +0200

Hi @alcalinebattery, and welcome to TJC. To answer the most "important" question of yours: yes, you should post them as separate questions for easier voting on a specific issue. If you find questions already asked (as with the battery level dropping), vote on them and give your comments/ insight there. Is this the question you are to referring to?

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