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Busywork or missed focus tends to emerge in forum management from time to time. This may be because some easier actions, low-hanging fruit, get done more often and more readily than is more useful than harder tasks. On top of that there is that actual work. Text statistics collection by regular expression matches displayed as SVG lets us see better what concerns people. Anonymity can be useful too.

Computed visualisations tools allow near-instant knowledge where readers get universally understood, immediate insight instead of having go power through paragraphs of (often non-native) reading, interpretation and reflective reasoning. This would seem useful and enable collaborative understanding across human language barriers that English prose simply cannot do, particularly to bridge the chasm leading to languages yet to be part of Sailfish OS localisation achievements.

Want more customers? Communicate with well-made graphics, not just text.

Some tangental links - input handling: http://awk.info/?TextMining ; output: http://quantifiedself.com/

Regular expressions can catch typos. Interesting may be the marginal results: the fewest and least matches, with some clause parts clumping.

Most common typo might lead to a prediction fix or a change in one localisation's virtual keyboard's character positioning (assumes forum access by Sailfish/Jolla Phone).

See also: Question, Comment and Answers Visualisations Question.

Documentation metadata visualisation on the content of the phone, while it can raise the spectre of concerns about encroachments on privacy, are also good for prospective user empowerment. The way Google knows more about users do, than you do about your own use and phone content, visualisation could help Jolla set Sailfish above competing offerings.

The last paragraph is not a separate Question. It is a logical step ahead when visuals become larger in the daily work of device users and distributors.

For example: a histogram of page edit (diff) size and distribution over a page's history, with all content at a given moment measured, for example, as a concatented string That could display on every Question header section or every search results list.

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