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Skip track by double-clicking power button

asked 2015-01-20 12:19:22 +0300

lakutalo gravatar image

updated 2015-01-21 09:59:28 +0300

I would like to suggest this optional feature which is accessible only when and as long as media player is started. This way one could skip tracks easily without need for activating the display, as this is mainly the cause for battery drain.

Of course, using headset buttons could be the optimal choice. But there are many different headsets with different wirings or even without buttons. And as I understand only one setup is supported at the time (

Maybe it could also be a programmable event for other media player developers.

Using double-tap or single click for activating display while listening may be ok in this case.

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answered 2015-01-20 21:33:46 +0300

attah gravatar image

updated 2015-01-20 21:34:12 +0300

Double-clicking the power button already has a use. If it's more useful is up to the user, but it's far more intuitive. It takes you straight to the multitasking view.

I like the functionality you are asking for, but I suggest it's added for the answer button on headsets instead, as is normal.

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thanks ATTAH, I didn't know about the power button double-cliking.... top. do you have more like this ?

Geoffrey Arduini ( 2015-01-30 11:25:33 +0300 )edit

Well, I'd actually want pretty much to pause/play on single press of power button. And to have next/prev track on volume buttons' long press. Locking and unlocking can be handled very well with gestures and in the worst case, I can alwasy double press the power button.

Quawerty ( 2015-07-12 05:48:21 +0300 )edit
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