[poll] alternative of the green/orange/grey dash for the presence [not relevant]

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Here i make a poll to present an alternative of the presence green dash.
I found not explicit what this green dash means.
And after all, i have more than one account which are in use, and should use a presence. the green dash don't display the presence for all.

My suggestion will be instead of represent the presence with a dash.
Presence will be displayed with the service micro-sized logo:
Full color for 'online
Grey and a little bit more transparent for 'absent'
Grey and red crossed for 'offline'

What do you think about? and what is yours?

Have Nice sails

ps: idea comes after discussion about what is the green dash here: what is the meaning of the green dash in home screen, considering that the dash was not well documented, and not really helpful on what it means.

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I can see where the idea comes from, but it would only work well for people who are used to the concept of commercial, proprietary services. They'd have distinct company logos and that would be it.

However, a service governed by your presence details is not necessarily bound to a company that has a logo. Quite on the contrary, if you count servers you could have accounts on, you'd probably find a lot more non-commercial ones (like XMPP-servers) than commercial services like facebook. These are represented with a generic icon (like this one for XMPP services) that carry no additional information. In my case, I'd see three XMPP-icons in a row, usually in the same state, instead of one single indicator. That would be ugly, eat screen estate and wouldn't offer any information.

As I said, I do see your point and the request is valid for users who have only a few accounts (otherwise the screen would get cluttered) and only use proprietary services with company logos. It is my expectation (based on nothing else than hope) that Jolla will eventually support more of the open alternatives in the GUI that are already available for their operating system, so the need would shift towards an indicator that can quickly show the combined status of 3 XMPP-accounts, 2 IRC-accounts, 1 SIP-account... at one glance. 2 IRC-symbols and and 3 XMPP symbols in a row just don't show which is which and trade simplicity for nothing.

ossi1967 ( 2015-01-23 14:27:19 +0300 )edit

@ossi1967 thank you for your feedback. my referencies are the service used as default account on the jolla phone. some of them are proprietary like ms exchange, fb, twitter maybe memotoo, etc... if you add a new account, logo s are already bound with the proposal default accounts possibilities. So we can use it further for the presence. why not. I am agree with you, that xmpp is just a protocoll and a lots of service use it. With my proposal you will get the info that one or more xmpp service have an x-presence, then it is up to you to recognize which one it is used for an especially presence. Maybe if jolla could permit to change the service label that was defined on the new account procedure, then you can recognize it. do you think what i mean?

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Subject seems to be not interesting. so it's closed. No problem if someone want to reopen if it's wanted.

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