Wifi connection error (exclamation mark) [answered]

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I am having trouble with one of my wifi AP's at home. Whenever I connect to it, I do not get the "connected" popup message, although 'Settings/System/WLAN/' indicates that I really am connected to the AP. My phone also got an IP, and the router lists my jolla with this particular IP. However, the wifi status icon on the homescreen is greyed out with an exclamation mark inside. I can connect from my phone to any device within my local network, but connections to the 'outside' world are not working, neither by IP address nor domain names. I tried removing and readding the config for my AP from connman several times, but it still doesn't work. My second AP works without any problems, though. Also, no other device shows connection problems (even my girlfrends jolla connects fine to the AP where my phone refuses to work properly).

What can I do to trace the problem? I found an 'older' post dealing with connection problems where the package 'connman-tracing' was mentioned to get debugging logs. I installed it and can provide the journal logs.

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Hi Folks,

I figured out what caused my problem. My second AP is connected to the first one via a Cisco WUMC710 wireless bridge. And this device caused the problems. Although all other devices connected behind the bridge worked fine, my Jolla was the only one reporting the problems. Today I rebooted the wireless bridge and my Phone connects fine again. So Cisco is to blame here. I had other troubles before with this bridge, but for the last months these troubles vanished. Only my wonderful Jolla found that the bridge still causes a mess in my network. I even underwent the trouble of factory resetting my Jolla... Only to find that it dind't fix anything :( Therefore, I mark this question as closed. ;)

RaumZeit ( 2015-01-31 16:09:23 +0200 )edit

The wifi icon seems picky over how it connects. At home my Jolla connects to my router running Privoxy on port 8118. The wifi icon is always greyed out with an exclamation mark but the connection works fine. On other access points the wifi icon displays normally.

unruly ( 2015-02-02 11:28:01 +0200 )edit