How To: use save sms to text file script for non-technical users

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This is how I got this to work via my Windows 8 laptop

I copied the script text [] (Answer 2) and pasted it into Notepad. I saved it as sms-dump.txt and then renamed the file as

I connected my Jolla to laptop via USB and copied to Downloads folder in Phone Menu.

I enabled Developer Mode on Jolla and made SSH connection using Remote Terminal.

At the Jolla prompt I changed to bin directory

cd /bin

and then copied

cp /home/nemo/Downloads/ .

In order to remove erroneous characters from the file (caused by copying from Windows) I used this command to create a new, clean version of

cat | col -b >

In order to convert the new file from text to executable, I ran the following

chmod 755

The new file, named is the one I used to create the SMS output. At the prompt > ~/Downloads/allmessages.txt

I then copied allmessages.txt to my PC.

I'm sure that this could be done and described more elegantly but it worked for me.

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