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[Request] [Jolla Tablet] - Re-enable stretch goal #3 (3,5G support) in campaign phase 2 [answered]

asked 2015-02-02 11:53:27 +0300

vision gravatar image

updated 2015-02-02 12:01:41 +0300

Hello, as just learned in the comment sectiion of the re-opened campaign for the jolla tablet the Stretch Goal #3 from the 1st phase will not be part of the second phase.

May I ask why it is not in scope anymore since I believe that we reach $2.500.000 easily and since I believe that all interested people are willing to pay the required $30 for the upgrade as well (as it was in phase 1).

Would be really great if you wouldn't skip this feature finally and if we could see it in the final product.

Thanks! /vision

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i would say, that hardware is locked-in, so no more changes

virgi26 ( 2015-02-02 12:16:17 +0300 )edit

Valid question i had my self. But the logic is simple. Much of the second phase money comes from 64gb upgraders like me (possibly even from lastu cases?? from end of first phase) and will be needed in large to pay for that upgrade. Mobile Data Perk at 2.5mil. was calculated to be financed by tablet sales which bear much more profit that would have enabled jolla to spend some of that money when reaching 2.5mil. to include 3g/4g. So the offer we see is a result of mixed cost calculation between the phases and perks.

mosen ( 2015-02-02 12:16:23 +0300 )edit

Well.... so far around $68500 came from the upgraders (including me) and around $106000 from new orders and shipping costs... means around 40% only. Maybe it is worth to do a recalculation ;)

vision ( 2015-02-02 12:36:45 +0300 )edit

ok, cool you looked into that. downgraded to comment ;)

mosen ( 2015-02-02 12:43:03 +0300 )edit

Even if the extra cost for 3G was not 30$, but an extra 50$, I would still pay for the convenience of not having to tether the tablet to the phone all the time.

200$ + 25$ + 50$ = 275$ for great tablet with uSD card slot, 3G, and 64 Gb of built-in storage all topped with SailfishOS? Excellent price!

For comparison, iPad mini with LTE and 64 Gb of storage is 629$ in the US, and Nexus 9 with 32 Gb of storage and LTE is some 500$.

oenone ( 2015-02-02 13:29:52 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-03-13 13:38:06 +0300

cybette gravatar image

Hi, at the risk of repetition, the stretch goals were only part of the first phase of the campaign back in end-2014. We don't have stretch goals for this second wave, nor will we retroactively enable the unmet stretch goals from before. In addition, the comments about hardware being locked-in is valid, or it will cause delays. Thanks nonetheless for your suggestion, and please keep the feedback and ideas coming, especially for OS/software features!

Jolla Tablet Team

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Dear Cybette, thanks a lot for the answer from our community queen ;) I am following Jolla already since day 1 and of course the Jolla tablet will be fantastic for me in any case. I am sure that Jolla will have a great future!


vision ( 2015-03-14 03:00:42 +0300 )edit

@vision Thanks for your support, we truly appreciate it!

cybette ( 2015-03-16 11:50:31 +0300 )edit

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