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Installing and Using Whatsapp in Jolla [answered]

asked 2015-02-06 20:33:26 +0200

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updated 2015-02-09 21:43:27 +0200

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I have installed the Android Support in my Jolla and then whatsapp but it does not work properly. I have installed it since aptoide and downloading the app in the official whatsapp source too but after the installation first I cannot use it when I am connected to wifi (because says that there is an error on my connection) and second it does not read my contacts list. Please help me to solve this. Thanks.

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5 Answers

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answered 2015-02-06 21:29:18 +0200

rudi gravatar image

updated 2015-02-09 21:47:02 +0200

foss4ever gravatar image

there are lots of hints in:

Edit (copied from a comment); solved the request by installing "Android Assistant" and enabled Wifi.. Doing so also "resurrected" the lost contacts

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So again, I thank you so much but these links have not been useful either... Anyway, as the first link indicates I think that the best option can be to choose an alternative app but seems that mitukuluulu does not exist anymore :/

Mephisto ( 2015-02-06 23:15:01 +0200 )edit


I installed "Android Assistant" and enabled wifi. with that my contacts were back too! :D

Mephisto ( 2015-02-07 00:19:01 +0200 )edit

so - close the question

rudi ( 2015-02-07 01:41:51 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-02-06 20:46:17 +0200

finfly gravatar image


A good troubleshooting guide by Jolla. Helped me with missing contacts.

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Excuse me but anything on that link has worked to me. :/

Mephisto ( 2015-02-06 21:01:37 +0200 )edit

You mean "nothing"? So you actually blocked at step 1?

1.) Open Aptoide appstore on your Jolla.

If not, you need to be more specific if you want us to be able to help you.

Sthocs ( 2015-02-06 21:29:58 +0200 )edit

Yes, nothing. and is notjust the issue of the contacts. it does not works with wifi either

Mephisto ( 2015-02-06 21:34:14 +0200 )edit

Ok let me explain again. I don't have any errors when I install. I have errors when I try to execute. Some apps say: "Network error" and specifically I have two issues with whatsapp. 1. The app does not read my contact list. 2. The app cannot run its functions if I am connected to wifi.Just when it is connected to the Mobile Network

Mephisto ( 2015-02-06 21:43:43 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-02-06 20:55:40 +0200

i got mine contacts show when restarted android support with jolla utilities.

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answered 2015-02-06 21:22:58 +0200

meldolion gravatar image

Yes, try to restart your mobile.

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answered 2015-02-06 23:29:20 +0200

rudi gravatar image

updated 2015-02-07 01:11:10 +0200

unfortunately not, I also had to change to android whatsapp - but it's working.
there are several other questions, regarding the wifi connection, that's your major problem, i guess
this was working for me in the past

you may also try to install some android app like android assistant to check/enable wifi and to check the android contacts

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