Suggestion: More than 9 tiles in Active cover window [duplicate]

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As we know the multitasking view is limited to 9 active covers at a time, although many more apps can run in the background. That's fine but not perfect as it should be. I really feel a limitation with this, coming from n9 where I can see up to 40 apps in the multitasking view.

So my suggestion is that in the multitasking view add a swipe to the right and see another 9 apps that are open, and so on(depending on the number of apps opened). I find changing the ambiance from active cover view to be useless(come on .. we don't change it everyday)

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Duplicate of extend homescreen to left (or right) if running apps > 9. (This SO clone thing doesn't have a "close" feature? that seems like it'd be useful here, perhaps)

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that worked then :)

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