[suggestion] Tablet app/screen grid change with gesture

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Just a quick idea. We would need some grid for more than one application running on the screen, right? Let's make switching grids more futuristic and cool! Let's use three fingers! (It would be harder to use four, that's why three + it even makes more sense, see below)

Gestures (all with free fingers on screen):

MORE/LESS APPS to see - classical zoom-in/out gesture

GRID CHANGE - rotate fingers on screen, grid will change accordingly to rotation of the fingers

MOVE APP accross grid - use two fingers to move app from one grid place to another one

===== Let's see it in action on the following scenarios...

  • I have three apps open in background - Internet browser, Email and Notes. I see only Browser right now and I'd like to switch to split windows. I use three fingers to zoom-out and voila, it's split! I can see Browser and Email at the same time!
  • Let's zoom-out again a little bit to see what happens. I can see all three running apps at the same time now. Window is split to three parts. There is my browser on the left side stretched from top to bottom of the screen and notes and email are using right part of the screen split equally to fill all the space.

  • Now, I'd like to change the grid. I can see that while rotating fingers on the screen, grid changes and those two apps using split half-screen space are following direction of my two fingers! So, grid 1x2 (larger left, two smaller right) will change to 1/2 while rotating fingers (one top, two bottom). I can continue and switch to 2x1.

  • Now, I don't care about content of the other apps and I'd like to see active cover instead of running apps. (starting with grid 1x2) I use three fingers gesture again with two fingers (more or less) in direction of the "split-half" and moving towards them. I can see that the browser window is getting bigger and the other app-windows smaller while at certain point they switch to active cover mode.

It doesn't matter how many apps you do have open in the background. Apps left out of the main grid could stay "minimized" using active cover and stay located on the left or right side (horizontal pos.), top/bottom (vertical pos.). Default settings should be configurable, user can hide them (using three finger moving towards gesture).

===== What do you think?

PS: Inspiration on the grid came from Awesome window manager I use for my daily work as an GNU/Linux DevOps and I truly love :)))

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Sounds very complicated and I think, Average Joe won't remember it. (how many iOS users know the five finger trick to minimize apps?). The question is, will the split screen be able to split into more than two parts? And if so, will this make any sense on such a small display? Also this will leed to the point, that all apps must be able to handle different window sizes, which is not common and might make a couple of problems.

silmoc ( 2015-02-08 15:50:27 +0300 )edit

It may sound complicated but I believe it could be quite intuitive even when recognized by advanced users only (average Joe can do better one day!). However, it'd need POC if true or not :)

On the screen size - you're right, I didn't realize it. All ideas implemented might be overkill for such a small display and maybe more interesting on displayes > 10”.

Simple split to three (1x2 grid, max. 4 = 2x2 grid) and three-fingers rotation could be a good start for advanced usage :)

rastakajakwanna ( 2015-02-13 03:23:39 +0300 )edit