Is there an app to resume music playback upon bluetooth connect?

asked 2015-02-12 10:27:25 +0300

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Is there any native music players currently available, that would resume the previously played track when the phone connects to a certain device with Bluetooth?

I'm hunting for a music player, capable of playing mp3 tracks while I'm at car. The operation should work so that when the BT connection is disconnected (car turned off), the playback would stop and the current track position would be stored - and the app possibly closed.

Then, when the connection is restored, the app would auto start and to resume where it was left previously.

Is there such, or is it even possible to make such? I'm not a software developer so this is just at question level.

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Situations will launch applications on BT connection events. You'll then need to find a player that automatically started play-back at that point. It's in the Jolla store and the developer is on TMO, so it's worth a trying.

skanky ( 2015-02-12 11:14:16 +0300 )edit