[bug] caldav sync stops working every now and then

asked 2015-02-16 16:50:56 +0300

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I have a strange Problem here: I sync my Jolla with two different caldav accounts. One is an owncloud account, the other one is an egroupware calendar. For a long time all went fine. But since January syncing the egroupware calender stops working from time to time. The only way to get it working again, is to delete the account from my Jolla and set it up from scratch (Deleting the account the last time, left the calendar undeleted in the calendar-app - But that's another problem, and I think there is already a bug-report).That happened now the 4th time to me and it is really annoying, because I can't rely on that calendar anymore. I know there are still a lot of threads which are referring to caldav, but I haven't found one which describes a problem like mine.

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Support for owncloud + caldav is really buggy. Sort of worked for me the last few weeks, with only a few entries which would not sync. Now I updated the server to OC 8, and again -- sync does not work anymore. I can delete and set up a new account, but my Jolla won't find the calendars on the server.

Sorry that I can't help you, just wanted to back you up that the whole calendar sync issue is absolutely annoying :/

I mean I could go back to my Google calendar, but that's not exactly the point, right?

gehowa ( 2015-02-16 21:22:17 +0300 )edit

A variety of fixes for CalDAV and CardDAV were made recently, and will be included in an upcoming update (unfortunately, not the next one as the changes didn't make the release deadline, but they will be in the one afterward). You can see the updated code at: https://github.com/nemomobile/buteo-sync-plugin-carddav and https://github.com/nemomobile/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav respectively.

chris.adams ( 2015-02-17 04:21:30 +0300 )edit

I noticed same thing as gehowa, after upgrade to OC8 the sync stopped working. Going for G**gle or any other external provider's calendar is not option for me.

I guess I could compile these plugins myself and install to Jolla?

Niko ( 2015-02-17 07:36:16 +0300 )edit

Yes, you can. Just fire up the SDK, ssh in and use mb2 to build them.

One other thing related to this has been changed in Jolla closed-source side - the account creation process had a bug where it was not possible to enable synchronization for both caldav and carddav with the same "generic caldav/carddav" account (if you tried, only caldav would be enabled). But since the problem you're seeing is with CalDAV and not CardDAV, I don't think this one is affecting you, most likely it was just one of the other bugs which was fixed in the open source plugins I mentioned earlier.

chris.adams ( 2015-02-18 03:19:27 +0300 )edit

I might still try to build the sync-plugin myself, but after some investigation it was the ownCloud that was broken. So if anyone is facing issues with ownCloud 8, you might want to check https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/14275

Niko ( 2015-02-19 14:45:56 +0300 )edit