Photos not showing up in gallery app [not relevant]

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There are similar reports around here, but I'm not sure if this is really a duplicate:

I'm on Yliaavanlampi.

Yesterday I took 2 series of photos, about 10 pictures each, within a relatively short time (about 10min between first and second series). I used the stock camera application, not Cameraplus.

The first series showed up in the gallery app right away. The second one didn't, so I thought I was experiencing this bug:

Turns out I didn't, though, because in the above thread, photos did show up eventually, only after a few seconds. In my case, the photos weren't visible even 24 hours later.

The pictures were all stored in the default folder (~/Pictures/Camera), not moved to the SD-card.

Re-building the tracker database from the utilities in system settings did not fix the issue (I'll report that separately). Only tracker-control -krs did.

It still could be a duplicate of this one although unfortunately it was closed so I guess it won't be tracked any longer.

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