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Jolla and ubuntu 12.10 [not relevant]

asked 2014-01-01 22:31:57 +0300

TomTomGalore gravatar image

updated 2014-01-27 19:28:01 +0300

Hi there, I want/must connect my Jolla to my PC. It's running ubuntu 12.10. I tried a few times, but I didn't get a connection. Is there any solution?

BTW: My(Android) XperiaS didn't worked with ubuntu, too.

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4 Answers

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answered 2014-01-04 01:10:43 +0300

Winfried gravatar image

If you don't mind to use the WLAN connection i.s.o. USB, see my answer in this question (the 'On Linux steps): https://together.jolla.com/question/282/usb-file-transfer-support-for-mac-os-x/?answer=9717

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answered 2014-01-03 23:03:41 +0300

stephan gravatar image

asked similar question recently, see https://together.jolla.com/question/8638/linux-access-phone-storage-via-usb/

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answered 2014-01-01 22:44:20 +0300

mikkojhe gravatar image

updated 2014-01-03 22:16:37 +0300

Well I'm have connected Jolla with my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop and had no problems at all. Have you set the USB mode of the phone (from settings) to "PC connection"?

Edit 3.1.2014: There seem to bee some problems after all: USB connection is very slow compared to other external hard drives I have. Also opening pictures or videos from phone doesn't work directly. You have to copy them to your computer before you're able to open them. But other than that it works out of the box. Nautilus sees the phone as an external hard drive.

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answered 2014-01-01 22:39:58 +0300

euj gravatar image

Try mtpfs or gmtp on linux, Android devices as well as Jolla use MTP to communicate with a computer.

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I always get an error, and all my msuic will copy to the root-folder.

TomTomGalore ( 2014-01-02 20:20:28 +0300 )edit

I use Mint and cant connect to device. With gmtp I got connection, but it would be nice to get it to connect straight to file browser (Nemo) With or without mtpfs It recognize Jolla as Sailfish (camera) and mount it, but when I try to open that it says folder content could not be displayd.

millerii ( 2014-01-02 21:51:18 +0300 )edit

the new fw update is fixing the problem for Mint, the only issue is that the mounting desktop icon is a ... canon ixus camera

pmelas ( 2014-03-18 10:34:41 +0300 )edit

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