Bug: Speaker options reset on call connection [released]

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When you have a headset connected (bluetooth headphones in my case), call someone and before the call is connected, tap the switch on the screen (deselect the headset option) in order to speak through your phone (not headphones), it correctly redirects the sound to the phone. But it redirects it back to the headphones when the call is connected.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Connect bluetooth headset
  • Call someone
  • Deselect the headset switch on the screen

Expected behavior:

  • The whole call should be redirected to the phone (until selected otherwise)

Current behavior:

  • The call is briefly redirected to the phone, but then redirected back to the headset when the other side picks the call up
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The sound rederection is also a problem when playing music through headset, see: cutespotifyalarmnotificactions-conflict.

BonoNL ( 2014-01-27 22:31:50 +0300 )edit