[bug] can't use high volume with earbuds [not relevant]

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this happened once and i cant reproduce:

when setting volume too high normally a warning appears, you click "i understand" and you can go higher. i was listening to something; sudden drop in volume; i look at the screen - the message appeared; clicked it away. from now on whenever i wanted to set the volume higher the message re-appeared again and again, so i could not set the volume higher.

like 5 minutes later i had a gui crash (green blinking led) so i think there might be a connection. after a reboot everything worked again.

sfos v1.1.1.27 file browser v1.5.0 edit: since this appeared only once on an outdated version and is not reproducable ill close this as irrelevant

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Potential work-around for now, give it a whirl!



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