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[BUG] Browser crashes on

asked 2015-02-25 22:21:28 +0300

deny gravatar image

updated 2015-02-25 22:52:59 +0300

chemist gravatar image

The new Browser crashes often on sites like Youtube.The browser just disappears.

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This might be related to the memory manager killing the application if there is not enough RAM memory available for use.

cquence ( 2015-02-26 06:25:41 +0300 )edit

I've reported the same issue the very first minutes after installation. Since yesterday evening I'm running and seems the problem is solved or, at least, is not often happening as before. But, surfing with Browser seems force the phone to close Android running applications, such as Whatsapp or Telegram

gordon_pcb_designer ( 2015-02-26 10:05:30 +0300 )edit

@cquence this is a good thought, but can the browser app consume so much ram memory? It is only the browser running. There was no problems with the older versions of sailfish. It could be a memory corruption or a buffer overflow...

@gordon_pcb_designer I have not seen that running android apps are closed. The only thing, after the update, I have seen is that android apps are starting slower. I have to wait sometimes 10 sec or more. I have 2 jolla phones and the effect appears only on one phone. The start of android apps on the other phone is very quickly.

deny ( 2015-02-26 11:32:31 +0300 )edit

Since the latest updqte i have many crashes with the browser in various sites. Also, many lags in other applications as email.

dglent ( 2015-03-22 20:12:31 +0300 )edit

Sometimes the browser crash when i´ve opened several tabs and i close some tabs one after the other.

rosapold ( 2015-03-22 20:42:23 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-03-22 20:45:47 +0300

Upp15 gravatar image

Might not be a symptom of this, but I would suggest you'd check.

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answered 2015-03-28 12:36:06 +0300

pekkeli gravatar image

I had similar problem. I simply cleared browser history, cache and cookies. No crashes after that.

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answered 2015-03-31 10:18:17 +0300

dglent gravatar image

I did yesterday night a factory reset Today it works ok, at least i see a really difference. The same time i lost the photos/videos because i thought that they were in the sd card Maybe the photos/videos was the problem ? Can they charge the memory of the phone ?

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Deffinitively it works fine after the factory restore ! The browser doesn't crash any more, i have no lags in applucations, the enviroment is very fluid :)

dglent ( 2015-04-01 18:15:22 +0300 )edit
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